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Our institutel(former matsuishi laboratory in Yokohama National University) aims at medical, sociological and educational research of developmental disabilities-mental retardation, autistic disorders,  physical developmental disorders etc- in establishing close relationship with medical school of Yokohama City University, the department of social welfare and the department of education of Yokohama City and Kanagawa Prefecture, using various research and clinical establishments-for example, Yokohama City Rehabilitation Center, Kanagawa Rehabilitation and Education Center, and public or private institutions for the disabled. Staff and collaborator of our laboratory consist of the  professors of Faculty of Education and Human Sciences of Yokohama National University, medical school of Yokohama City University, Japanese and foreign students of doctor or master course, with collaboration of medical doctors in many hospitals, teachers particularly of special education and social caseworkers for disabled.

Yokohama Research Institute for Disability and Industory

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As a clinical psychiatrist, I have been engaged in the evaluation of ID, ASD and certified these for the support system in Yokohama City government with 3.7million population for 30 years. Administratively using our data and experience we have been making medical and social welfare system in our city. At the same time I have been a psychiatrist of NTT. Studying also industrial basis of social welfare policy, I will research world history, philosophy of science, social political philosophy.

Yokohama Research Institute for Disability and Industory

I am delighted in your interest in special educator. I have been clinical psychiatrist but was requested to participate in the training of special educator in the Japanese national university.
I continued for about 20 years. so I will write my own experience and the present situation of Japanese special educator and my investigation regarding other counties training method, reading the documents of French and Germany. But I have been very busy as a clinician, so I am afraid of misunderstanding. In those cases, correct me if I’m wrong.
Germany children with severe ID is taken part by medical staff as uneducable. But training special teacher course is completely separated from the course of general education. Their basic science is medicine, so first year, anatomy, physiology, pathology like medical school student, second year pedagogy, psychology begin. Third year, neuropsychology, and as disorder autistic spectrum disorder intensively (I think it is not so fixed curriculum). And this diplomas efficacy does not be limited in the school. They can work in the early preschool treatment and educational center, or facility for adulthood
In France, special teacher training in university is like Germany completely separated from teacher training of general education. The center of curriculum is developmental psychology and psychiatry). There are no special school in France. From 3 years old to 20 years old ID stay in Institute Médico-éducatif(IME) with special educator, psychiatrist, psychologist. Like USA 14, at years old they are distinguished who return to society and continue to stay this facility by assessment of the intellectual and social ability. Special educators continue to adulthood.
In comparison to that, Japanese special educator must get a teacher diploma of general education. And diploma is used only school. So they do not have specific knowledge that are necessary for special education. Compared with Europe Japanese special educators level is extremely low. And also work about transition from school to social welfare facilities are impossible by the special educator.
I do not mention about American system, because new question about history of USA special education. I am looking forward to that discussion.

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Yokohama Research Institute for Disability and Industory

Dear Shahar, Dear Kennes

I agree with both of you.  And Kennes's remarque that is IQ pattern of ASD is specific and very differnt from general population. Various IQ test show us such a distinctive feature;sinmpe memory is far goog but simple sentence is not understood. They have a great difficulty to recognize abstract and social things. Only such a intelligence structure cause them behabioral adaptation disorder and social adaptation disorder.

As for ASD,we Yokohama city make special exanption act. Although  cut off value of ordinaly ID is 75(Tanaka-Bine Test=Japanese version of Stanford Binet), ID with ASD is 91 that adminstration considerate this imbalnce of intelligence structure.

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Mar 2013

Yokohama National University · College of Education and Human Sciences Japan · Yokohama Kanagawa
In teacher training college, graduateschool and PhD course student, I gave lectures of medical aspect of the disabled. And also participate industrial nurce training.